About the Author

Are you a Christian, or even a non-Christian, struggling with your faith or lack thereof? Do you have persistent mental issues like depression, PTSD, or other distressing matters? Are you wondering how to live as Jesus would, in a world that tells you everything is relative and there is no truth, or encourages the ideology that in order to overcome mental challenges you “just need to have faith and pray harder”? Or maybe you’re wondering what’s up with all these radical crazy people who claim to be Christians but are doing horrible things to others in the name of religion? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

I grew up in a Christian home but needed to find God for myself and figure out why I believe what I claimed to believe. I had a lot of doubts and questions, and even went so far as denouncing my Christian faith for a time, but I have since returned and am eager to share with you what I’ve learned.
Black and White Beauty

A Brief Introduction

I’m Rulonda JaBrey and I’ll be your guide through this wild ride called my blog. I am a hoarder of books and blankets, a lover of all things Hamilton and Harry Potter related (despite what anyone says, Slytherins are the best!).

I graduated from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) and hold the precious B.A. in Creative Writing, which means I know how to adequately form sentences and create complex characters that make my readers either hate me or love me.

Our mascot: the valiant Knight

My intent for this blog is to be a place of discovery, vulnerability, and truth. Some truths are hard to handle, harder still to even admit, but I’m willing to risk it on these pages. A beloved professor I had once told me to “write your truth, even it scares you.” My intentions and desires are to write stories that mean something to someone.  To write words that have an impact and share hope for those who need it.

Won’t you come on this journey with me?

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