For Friendships that Lasted Too Long

Once in a blue moon,
when everything changes,
you’ll look back on the conversations
we had and laugh at inside jokes
from a thousand forevers ago.

When everything changes,
as it must, for that is nature’s way,
I hope you’ll still find joy
in reading Shakespeare before bedtime,
shrouded by moonlight and with a hot Chai tea in hand.

I hope you still have dance parties in your pajamas,
blasting Usher’s DJ Got Us Falling in Love,
and go for a last-minute midnight drive to the Golden Arches
to grab McFlurries (Oreo only cuz you could choke on the Reese’s).

I hope, when life has tired you beyond recognition,
that you’ll find solace in a Rinker Pit-like palace.
Somewhere solid, with lowered steps that lead to concrete ground,
a spot to rest your weary head, a chance to stare up at the stars
to play make believe just one more time.

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